Cooperativa Hortícola Española de Vegetales A La Carta

It is a social entrepreneurship initiative aimed at generating employment for young people with special education, through the cultivation of mini-vegetables in the Sierra de Guadarrama, using a rigorous organic farming protocol.

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As part of its vocation for better health, GTI execute Corporate Social Responsibility through the project CHEF-VALO (Spanish Vegetable Cooperative A La Carta). The products are destined to be used by selected chefs from Madrid and also donated to canteens of charities in the Sierra de Madrid.

The products of the "teaching farm" CHEFVALO are delivered to renowned chefs of the Michelin Guide who, in return, support the project with donations to Public Institutions for the Disabled; employment for graduates of CHEFVALO and deposit their organic waste at the "Compost Space CHEFVALO" aligned with the CHEFVALO CIRCULAR ECONOMY RESEARCH PROJECT, carried out jointly with the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

In addition, CHEFVALO organizes visits to K-12 schools to provide "Healthy Food" workshops and "Healthy Interpersonal Skills" workshops for disabled students graduating from the CHEFVALO Eco-Agriculture Workshops.

This initiative is part of the innovation projects of United Nations AIAF (International Year of Family Farming) and represents an innovation in the following areas:

  • Products: mini-vegetables for gourmets very much appreciated for its delicate appearance, more intense flavor and tender texture.

  • Personnel: through special education to young people who develop manual skills for handling mini-vegetables, mainly precision and patience.

  • Production: through techniques of eco-agriculture and biodynamic farming adapted to small plots (50-200 m2) in the Sierra de Madrid. Furthermore a “Healthness Innovation and Sampling” center is funded with chefs donations to research on organic food agriculture, eco-gastronomy and eating good habits.

  • Process for Distribution (Km 0): direct shipping from the farm to the consumer, avoiding middle institutions, transport times and pollution.

  • Protection of the soil and sustainability: through biodynamic farming practices.

GTI servicies in collaboration with CHEF-VALO

  • Advice to mini-farmers to develop within their orchards a plot dedicated to mini-vegetables so appreciated for their greater flavor in order to achieve Ecolabel certifications that guarantee the quality and respect for the nature of the products.

  • Advice to Chefs and Cooking Schools to promote food with organic products, discover new recipes and propose new varieties of mini-vegetables to be produced "to order" thus ensuring the concept of "Food Kilometer 0".

  • Administration, Marketing, financial-legal assistance and guidance by collaborating entities, United Nations (International Year of Family Farming Program) and the Polytechnic University of Madrid (School of Agronomy).


  • Good Health and Well-being (3)

  • Quality education (4)

  • Decent Work (8)

  • Reduced Inequality (10)

  • Responsible Consumption and Production (12)


  • Production/ Distribution / Donations / Training and Research activities.



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