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A unique opportunity to build the future of your enterprise and improve your business plan incorporating social and sustainability aspects that corresponded with one or more SDGs.




SDGs are a current aim for socially responsible companies, therefore they are a great guideline to the identification of creative projects which respond to the business needs and has a correlation with one or more SDGs 

Bringing together MBAs and socially responsible companies

Join us for a unique experience

SDG Innovation Week Faculty

The following professionals will participate as key-note-speakers 1, Academic Board, and/or selected Tutors for the 90-day online support to projects implementation.

  • Dr. Altimira, Ricardo, PhD (GTI President / Design Thinking lecturer, 12 B-Schools)

  • Dr Bariar, Shalini ( VESIM B-School Intnl Relations)

  • Benlloch, Pablo (IDOM Executive uh)

  • Campos, Tontxu (Profesor de Innovación y Emprendimiento en Deusto Business School y en la Facultad de Ingeniería de la Universidad de Deusto)

  • Cano, José Antonio ( Analysis and Consultancy Director at IDC Research España)

  • Diaz-Ardila, Alba (Emotional Design Thinking Lecturer at 4 B-Schools / Director)

  • Fraile, Ángel (Directivo ENDESA)

  • García-Madruga, Javier ( Board member Barrabès innovation / tutor IE B-School Area 31 incubator)

  • Gartzia, Andoni (Former Mondragon Polo Garaia Innovation Director)

  • Gonzalez Benito, Oscar (Director Fundación USAL)

  • Dr. Gómez-Pomar, Julio ( Chairman IE Center for Transport Economics and Infraestructure)

  • Dra. Gil, Olga (Profesora Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

  • Gil, Ramón Luis (Directivo SERVITALENT)

  • González-Moro, Marta (21 gramos CEO)

  • Hernani, Juan Tomás (Deusto Innovation lecturer / Former Innovation Spain Secretary of State)

  • Dr. López, Belén (ESIC B-School RSC Professor)

  • Martínez Cantero, Enrique (RSC Professor /Asamblea de Madrid)

  • Dr. Montañes, Lalo ( Professor IE B/School)

  • Pilotto, Stefano (Professor at MIB School of Management and at Univeristy of Trieste)

  • Salazar, Edilberto (UP Innovation Experience MoC / Entrepreneurship lecturer at 4 Peru B-Schools)

  • Sanchez- Guijo Acevedo, Enrique (Ejecutive Director at  Sports Diplomacy en MEDELAND)

  • Valverde, Janek (UP Innovation Experience Director and Blended Education Director)

  • Vanegas, Pablo (Entrepreneurship lecturer, Javeriana Bogotá University / Gimnasio Empresarial Founder)

  • Velasco, Adrián (Innovation, implementation, and facilitation of Circular Economy. Helping organizations to evolve towards a new paradigm)

  • Zettelman, Alan (Senior Innovation Advisor / Corporate Innovation Strategist / Mentor for Startups & Entrepreneurs at Cluster-Tec)


This workshop is sponsored by Green Transition Institute

& delivered at Fundación General de la Universidad de Salamanca





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