-June 13th-


As the Responsible for the Circular Economy postgraduate course at the UMA in México, Founder member of Futuro Cirular  and the regional manager of MbM  Adrián Velasco is an expert in Circular Economy.  

He will be leading this webinar about introductory concepts of Ciruclar Economy to all the members and collaborators of GTI. 

The webinar will take place Saturday 13 of June at 12:00 (GMT-5, México DF). 

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-June 27th-

SDG LOGO 2_edited.jpg

A selected group of professionals that work in sustainability both in private and public sectrs will be given an introductory overview of what will be our SDG WEEK in October.

Universities, professionals and business representatives will enocunter to create sustainability plans that will serve as a guidance for their future development 

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